Cities and Towns in Chile


There are many fascinating cities and towns in Chile to be discovered. (See our Map of Chile) Below we have included some of the most interesting ones to visit. Some are well known on the beaten track while others are little hideaways:

Antofagasta - Copper Mining Port, La Portada (A Natural Arch).

Arica - Chile's northernmost city

Curepto - Rural town that holds the Festival La Camelia. (Includes Video)

Frutillar - A lake town with a German heritage

Pichilemu - A beach town for surfers.

Pomaire - Traditional Pottery and Handicrafts.

Pucón - The adventure capital of Chile. Volcano climbing & whitewater rafting.

Puerto Aysén - A day trip from Coyhaique.

Puerto Montt - The gateway to the extreme South of Chile. Houses on stilts.

Puerto Varas - Casino & Canopying.

Punta Arenas - Fascinating Cemetery, Penguin Colonies and an Old Fort nearby

San Pedro de Atacama - Gateway to the Valley of the Moon and the Geysers.

Santa Cruz - Wine, wine and more wine.

Santiago - The Capital and heart of Chile.

Talca - Chilean Independence Signed here - Wine Spa.

Temuco - Gateway to the Mapuche Culture.

Valdivia - The river city.

Valparaiso - Colorful houses on the hills overlooking the harbor.

Villa Alegre - Traditional southern town with its streets lined with orange trees.

Other Places in Chile

Easter Island - Moai statues and Pacific charm

El Cajón del Maipo - Nature close to Santiago

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