Como Agua Para Chocolate

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First Visited: July 2008 (these photos and comments)
Visited by: Lorilee, Angélica and Rob
Last Visited: 23 February 2009

A restaurant where you feel you just walked onto a movie set where Antonio Banderas or Penelope Cruz will come out and start feeding you chocolate-dipped strawberries.

Based on the book which gives the restaurant its name (In English: Like water for chocolate), this restaurant has a very romantic setting including a fountain amongst the tables and even a table made out of a bed with the pillows included at one of the head. (See the photo to the right)

The A la Carte menu appears in both Spanish with a 'version' of English translated underneath it (the only thing that needs to improve).

I recommend that you read the book by Mexican writer Laura Esquival (1989) or at least see the movie (1992) to really appreciate the original setting of this restaurant.


The food was an absolute delight. We constantly found ourselves commenting on how delicious everything was and the amazing flavours that lingered in our mouths.

We each started with an entrée which seemed more like a main dish rather than a starter. The Cerviche was made to be shared rather than be eaten alone and the shrimps I had were absolutely divine. The other shrimps that we ordered came in a clay pot of melted cheese with nacho chips on the side and were the only dish that we found mediocre (and a strange combination).

By the time the main dishes came around we were already quite full but we gave them our best shot with exquisite flavours constantly enticing us to have just one bite more. Funnily, the three of us each thought our dish was the best.

There are 8 varieties of fish dishes and another 8 types involving meat, both starting at CLP$7.500 (February 2009).

Lorilee had the Chuletas a la Campesina which was translated on the menu as lamb chops when in fact they were pork.

Angélica had the Filete de Vigor y Pasión (Fillet of Vigour and Passion) a thick steak wrapped in bacon and smothered in a cheesy peppered sauce.

I had the Filete de Dionosio which was fillet steak stuffed with mushrooms and artichoke hearts, all covered in a scrumptious carmenere (wine) sauce. Mine was such I delight that I could still taste it in my mouth the next day which left me hankering for more.


It was interesting to find more than the classic Pisco Sour here. I recommend the Merkén Pisco Sour which is a spice added to it to give it a rusty look.

Merkén is a spice that the Mapuche (original native inhabitants from the south of Chile) use in their cooking. If you want to try a slightly different Sour then there is a Grapefruit Sour for you too amongst others.

They have a separate menu containing a large variety of wines with a similarly large number of beers (from CLP$2.000 - February 2009). You may also want to try the many cocktails you have to choose from including the classic Cosmopolitan to Black Russians.

Address: Constitución 88, Bellavista (Metro Baquedano)
Santiago - Chile
Phone: (56-2) 777-8740

It is highly recommended to make reservations since it is usually very full at night.

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Last Updated: 14 March 2014
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