Spanish Schools in Chile


Spanish Schools in Santiago

Almost all of the Spanish schools in Santiago are downtown, in the Barrio Bellavista neighborhood or Providencia area. We recommend those Spanish schools that are dedicated completely to teaching Spanish as a second language. Why do we say that? In Chile there are many English Schools that offer Spanish "on the side" and only if they are asked. The teacher may not be a real Spanish teacher and you may not even see any other Spanish students. Listening to the personal experiences of foreigners in Chile, choosing a school that continually have Spanish lessons available on an on-going basis is ideal.

In Chile there are no regulations about opening a Spanish school so it is best to choose one that has been around for many years. (There are many that come and go over time). Fortunately there is a local association of Spanish Schools with some alternatives to help you decide...

ACHELE - Asociación Chilena de Escuelas de Español

The Chilean Association of Spanish Schools (ACHELE) regulates local Spanish schools that are a member of the association with a Code of Ethics and high quality standards.

The current members of ACHELE are:

Escuela Bellavista Chile
Calle del Arzobispo 0605, Providencia, Santiago (Metro Salvador)

Instituto Chileno Suizo de Idiomas y Cultura
Jose V. Lastarria 93, piso 2. Santiago (metro U.Católica)

Tandem Santiago
Triana 853, Providencia, Santiago

What time are Spanish Classes in Chile?

As in most countries, the Spanish lessons are normally intensive with 3 or 4 hours a day from Monday to Friday. Most start at 9am and finish between 12 and 1pm. The only exception was Woodward Chile which had flexible hours (booked via a cool biometric booking system). Unfortunately the owners went into retirement though they have left a lot of material to help people learn Spanish for free on their website.

Learn Spanish before coming to Chile

We always recommend that you learn some Spanish, before you come to Chile to make your experience here more enjoyable. Check out for Spanish Grammar and Vocabulary note and games where you can learn for free in the comfort of your own home.

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