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Living and travelling in South America from our base in Chile since 1997. I have personally experienced the extremes here, living in a shed without a bathroom in a poor dangerous part of town to the other extreme of having an elegant dinner with the President at the palace. This blog is about things that I have done or that have caught my attention here as well as travel information that may be useful.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Flying Whales at Punta Arenas Airport

This is a video I took at the Airport of Punta Arenas in the South of Chile. It is the view from the second floor overlooking the main parts of the airport including what to expect when you go through the exit door after picking up your luggage (if it arrives!).

What makes the airport interesting are its flying whales. Well, they aren't actually flying, they are hanging from the ceiling above everyone. These artistic creations are quite impressive since the whales are made of many individual 'slices' of clear acrylic. See if you can find them in the general overview in the video before I zoom in on them. One of the whales even has a smaller baby whale inside of it. Pretty cool!

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