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Below we have included most of the newspapers that can be found in Chile. We have included links to them where possible and also some type of additional background information for general interest. Almost all of the newspapers that we have in our list below are printed in Spanish.

There are two ways of saying newspaper in Chile: Diario and Periódico. Diario is the most frequently used term.

Most of the newspapers appear early in the morning unless otherwise stated.

Did you know that NO Chilean newspapers are published (or available) on the 1st of January? That's right, it's the only day of the year where you can't buy a newspaper in Chile.

Nationwide Newspapers

El Mercurio - - The Main Newspaper in Chile with distribution throughout the country. It is one of the most read in Chile and if you are looking for a job, the Sunday edition is the one to get.

La Segunda - - This newspaper only comes out late afternoon.

La Tercera -

La Cuarta - - A popular newspaper written in true Chilean style Spanish. It contains a lot of local Chilean slang and idioms so even if you have an advanced level of Spanish, don't worry if you can't read this newspaper. To give you an idea of the content, every Friday you will find the 'Bomba 4' pin-up girl in the center.

Las Ultimas Noticias -

La Nación -

El Diario Financiero - - Financial Newspaper

Estrategia - - Business Newspaper

Diario Oficial - The Official Newspaper where the Chilean Government's new laws and changes in legislation are printed. When you start a new company, register a trademark and do many other legal activities for public knowledge, it must be published in this newspaper. Once something is published in this newspaper it is considered known by all and legally valid. Founded on the 15th de November de 1876 by the President of Chile of the time. Unfortunately you must be registered to see its content on-line.

La Hora - - A Free newspaper that is handed out at the entrance of many of the subway stations in Santiago. They have an edition in the morning and another in the evening (when people are going to and from work).

PubliMetro - Another free newspaper given out at the entrance of the subway stations though only in the mornings. This newspaper has editions in many different cities around the world where they are also freely distributed outside of subways or similar.

The Clinic - - This newspaper only appears once every two weeks and contains mockery / satire of the latest events in Chile, especially politics. On the cover of every edition there is usually the head of a local politician pasted onto someone else's body (or thing) which of course is not in any normal situation. They like to make fun of basically anything and everything to do with Chile.

Regional Newspapers


La Estrella de Arica -

La Estrella de Iquique -

Atacama Region
El Diario de Atacama -

Diario Chañarcillo -

Coquimbo - La Serena
Diario El Día -


San Antonio
Diario Proa Regional -

Melipilla and Talagante
Diario El Labrador -

El Rancagüino -


Talca, Curicó, Linares
Diario El Centro -

La Region del Maule
La Prensa -

Diario La Discusión -

Diario el Sur -

Diario Renacer -

El Diario Austral de Temuco -

Found in Chile -
- The only English language publication in the zone. Free distribution in paper format and can also be viewed online.

El Diario Austral de Valdivia -

El Diario Austral de Osorno -

Puerto Montt
El Llanquihue -

El Diario de Aysen -

Diario El Divisador -

Punta Arenas
La Prensa Austral -
El Pengüino -

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