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South America

The following information doesn't really fit into any one country in South America.

Maps: South America - Chile

Food and Drink - Chilean Food - Chilean Drinks - Peruvian Food - Peruvian Drinks - Argentina Food - Argentina Drinks - Colombian Food - Colombian Drinks - Venezuelan Food - Venezuelan Drinks - Brazilian Food - Brazilian Drinks - Paraguayan Food - Uruguayan Food - Ecuadorian Food

National Anthems - Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela

Carnivals - Punta Arenas - Winter Carnival

Waterfalls - IguazĂș Falls, Angel Falls

Itaipu Dam - The world's largest hydroelectric dam in the world (bordering Brazil and Paraguay)


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A list with the names of typical food and drink of each country and an explanation of what it contains. We also have our list of maps of South America.


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