Typical Chilean Drinks


Below is a list of some typical Chilean Drinks. Most are alcoholic but there does seem to be one or two non-alcoholic ones that managed to slip in.

BIGOTEADO - (Warning: avoid drinking this no matter what state you are in!!!) This 'drink' contains the leftovers of any glasses that happen to be lying around which are then poured into one resulting in combinations that test the most harden of stomachs. This is usually given to someone as a joke when they have had so much to drink that they don't realize what they are currently consuming in front of them.

BORGOÑA - Cold red wine with chopped strawberries.


CHICHA - Is sweet fermented wine typically made from apples though sometimes from grapes too. This is typically drunk around the 18th of September for the national day celebrations.

COLA DE MONO - Aguardiente liquor with milk, Cinnamon, coffee and sugar. Typical drink around Christmas time.

FANSCHOP - A glass half filled with tap beer and the other half with fanta.

JOTE - Red wine with Cola.

LECHE CON PLÁTANO - fresh milk blended with banana.

MELON CON VINO - Melon Tuna (a type of Melon) with the top cut off and the seeds taken out with white wine poured inside of it.

MOTE CON HUESILLO - cooked dried peaches and stewed corn served as a drink.

NAVEGADO - heated red wine with slices of orange and sugar.

PIPEÑO - a type of sweet fermented wine (semi-transparent in appearance).

PISCO - Chilean brandy liquor made from distilled grapes. Normally produced in the Valle del Elqui area in the Fourth region. More info here: Pisco

PISCO SOUR - popular Chilean cocktail. Ingredients: pisco, lemon juice and sugar, one egg white, sugar - shaken together.

PISCOLA - pisco with Cola and ice.

PONCHE A LA ROMANA - Champagne with Pineapple ice-cream. Typically served on New Year's eve.

SCHOP - Tap beer (sometimes written with 2 P's as in Schopp)

TERREMOTO - Pipeño (see above) with pineapple ice-cream served in a one-litre glass. Terremoto literally translates as 'Earthquake' since you are left with the ground (and legs) feeling very shaky. The next round usually contains the same drink though only in a glass that holds half a litre. This is called a Replica or 'aftershock'. See our article with more information about the Terremoto drink.

VAINA - sweet cocktail drink. Ingredients: port wine and sugar - shaken together and after serving, sprinkled with cinnamon.

VINO BLANCO - white wine.

VINO TINTO - red wine.

Interesting Fact

Chilean Red Wine - Carmenere

The Carmenere grape variety was once heavily planted in the Bordeaux region of France. Nowadays, it is almost impossible to find Carmenere in Bordeaux as a Phylloxera plague in 1867 nearly destroyed all the vineyards of Europe. Fortunately, this grape variety was imported into Chile in 1850, so it wasn't wiped out when the plague attacked. Until recent times, wine lovers had forgotten that Carmenere had survived in Chile. It was often mistaken for and sold as Merlot before its true identity was rediscovered.

Try Carmenere while you are in Chile!

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