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Have you experienced a Terremoto in Chile?

Here we are not talking about the violent movements of the Earth but the iconic Chilean drink known as the Terremoto!

So what exactly is it?

TERREMOTO - Pipeño (a type of sweet fermented wine) with pineapple ice-cream served in a one-litre glass. Terremoto literally translates as 'Earthquake' since you are left with the ground (and legs) feeling very shaky. The next round usually contains the same drink though only in a glass that holds half a litre. This is called a Replica or 'aftershock'.

(Source: www.southamerica.cl/Chile/Drinks.htm)

This famous drink (you can’t really call it a cocktail and keep a straight face) originated at a well-known eating establishment / bar in Santiago called El Hoyo (literally translated as The Hole or Pit).

The story goes that some German reporters came to Santiago to report about the damages caused by the major earthquake that had struck the city in March 1985. Due to the heat, the reporters asked for something refreshing so a waiter called Guillermo Valenzuela added some ice-cream to a glass of pipeño. When they tried the concoction, they supposedly said “Esto sí que es un Terremoto” (This truly is an earthquake) due to how strong it was and the name stuck even since.

And those Germans weren’t far from the truth; this stuff will leave you shaking at the knees.

Terremoto Recipe

The recipe is very simple with no measuring instruments required.

  1. Clump some pineapple ice-cream into a jug.
  2. Fill the remainder of the jug up with pipeño (or fermented white wine)
  3. Serve in a glass and drink.

Have you ever experienced a Terremoto?

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Last Updated: 14 March 2014
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