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South America

At the moment most of our teacher resources are for Spanish teachers at public schools (for children) or language schools (for adults).

Parents may also find our resources useful to reinforce topics that are being taught at school or for themselves as lesson plans when homeschooling children.

Remember, we have free games and quizzes about South America that you can use.

If there are any topics about South America that you would like to see, then let us know.

Resources for SPANISH Teachers

All of the activities, worksheets and instructions are completely in Spanish unless indicated otherwise. This makes our resources ideal for schools that have adopted the dual language immersion system where the Spanish component needs to be 100% in that language. Our resources are currently being used in Spanish classes at hundreds of schools in United States, England and even in Australia and New Zealand.

Flags of Spanish-speaking Countries - Spanish Teacher Resources

The 21 flags of Spanish-speaking countries which include the ones in South America. This includes versions in Color and also in Black and White Outline (for coloring).

Spanish-speaking Countries Word Search - Spanish Teacher Resources

Spanish-speaking countries and capitals word search activities. One for the countries and another for the capital cities. Note: Countries names are in Spanish, not English.

Flags of Spanish-speaking Countries - Spanish Teacher Resources

3 Spanish Reading passages about Easter Island (Isla de Pascua) with accompanying worksheets. Includes 4 original photos of Easter Island as part of an activity.

New Year's Traditions in Chile - Spanish Teacher Resources

New Year's Eve Traditions in Chile - Reading passage and fun wall chart about different traditions that Chileans do at midnight on New Year's Eve.

New Year in Chile - Spanish Reading Passage

New Year in Chile - Reading Passage about celebrating New Year's Eve in Valparaíso, Chile. Includes 4 original full-size photos of Valparaiso.

Christmas in Chile - Letter in Spanish

Christmas in Chile - A letter in Spanish about how a boy celebrates Christmas in Chile. Includes comprehension questions and an activity where students write a response.

Resources in English

Our resources in English should become available soon.

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Teacher Resources

Resources for teachers including printable worksheets and lesson plans for Spanish teachers. Also see our fun games and quizzes.

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General information

A list with the names of typical food and drink of each country and an explanation of what it contains. We also have our list of maps of South America.


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