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Salve, Oh Patria! (We Salute You, Our Homeland) is the national anthem of Ecuador. The lyrics were written in 1865 by the poet Juan León Mera under request of the Ecuadorian Senate; the music was composed by Antonio Neumane. However, the anthem was not officially adopted by the Congress until September 29, 1948.

The anthem consists of a chorus and six verses, of which only the second verse and the chorus (before and after the verse) are sung.

Spanish lyrics

¡Salve, Oh Patria, mil veces! ¡Oh Patria,
gloria a ti! ¡Gloria a ti!
Ya tu pecho, tu pecho, rebosa
Gozo y paz ya tu pecho rebosa;
Y tu frente, tu frente radiosa
Más que el sol contemplamos lucir,
Y tu frente, tu frente radiosa
Más que el sol contemplamos lucir.

2da Estrofa
Los primeros los hijos del suelo
Que soberbio, el Pichincha decora
Te aclamaron por siempre señora
Y vertieron su sangre por ti.
Dios miró y aceptó el holocausto
Y esa sangre fue germen fecundo
De otros héroes que atónito el mundo
Vió en tu torno a millares surgir.
a millares surgir,
a millares surgir.


English translation

O homeland, we greet you a thousand times!
Glory be to you, oh homeland glory be to you!
Your breast overflows with joy and peace
And see your radiant face shining
more brightly than the sun. (repeat this line)

2nd Verse
The worthy sons of the soil
Who magnificently adorned Pichincha,
They always declared you as their sovereign lady
And shed their blood for you.
God observed and accepted that sacrifice,
And this blood was the prolific seed
Of other heroes who amazed the world,
And in turn, of thousands arising around you.
Arising in thousands around you,
Arising in thousands around you.


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