Who are we?


We are NOT a travel agency and we do not sell any tours or anything.

Mission Statement

To nurture the open sharing of information about South America and its countries - including travel guides, personal experiences and cultural characteristics - for the benefit of international understanding.

Our Objectives

Our goal at southamerica.cl is to provide people with information about the countries of South America so that they can enrich their experience while traveling here, living here, or for their own general knowledge.

We strive to create a holistic view of each country, providing people with as many resources as possible so that they may enjoy all of the unique opportunities that South America has to offer. In doing so, we will help not only those adventurers coming to South America but also the people living here, providing an exchange of information and helping to promote their unique cultures and lifestyles.

We are strongly based on the principals of education and find that we can always learn more from each other. It is for this reason that we are adamant about the need for communication, not only through our language programs but also our dedication to continually share our knowledge and experiences of South America.

Come be a part of southamerica.cl and immerse yourself in all that this thriving continent has to offer.

But who are we?

My name is Rob Woodward and I am a New Zealander that has been living in Chile since May 1997.

I have used Santiago (Chile) as my home base in South America which is why you will find a lot more information about this long thin country than others.

I have been married to Angélica Prieto, a wonderful Chilean lady, since 2002 (which is one of the reasons I have been here so long) and we have two sons that were born here.

We are very thankful for the numerous people that have helped us provide up-to-date information for our site as well as let us use their photos.

Any advice or recommendations that you can give us about anything to do with countries in South America would be greatly appreciated. The more you help us, the more we can help others.

We can be contacted at info AT woodward DOT cl
We usually only check that e-mail once a month or so since this site is something we do when we get some free time.

You might want to see a fun About Us & FAQ which explains a bit more about us on our sister site www.southamerica.me (a travel / culture blog with stupidity added).

Have a great day!!!

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Last Updated: 16 August 2017
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