Typical Drinks


BATIDO: This fruit juice which is thick in texture and made with more fruit than water. Great on a hot day!

CHICHA: Like in most of the Andean countries this fermented beverage is also very popular in Venezuela. It is made with boiled rice, milk and sugar. You can buy it from street vendors as refreshing, sweet drinks in many cities. In the Andean regions around Merida they add fermented pineapples which is then is known as Chicha Andina.

COCADA: This is a milkshake made out of coconut milk. You can find this drink mainly at coast.

FRESCOLITA: Is a very popular, red soft drink in Venezuela, similar to cream sodas in the USA.

MERENGADA: Is another refreshing drink which is made with fruit, ice, milk and sugar.

PAPELÓN CON LIMÓN: This refreshing drink is sweet and sour made from raw sugar can pulp, water and lime juice. It is a great way to cool down on a hot summer day.

PONCHE CREMA: Served mainly at Christmas, it is a cream based liquor involving milk, eggs, sugar rum, nutmeg and vanilla. It is normally made with homemade special recipes, although you can also find a version bottled and sold in supermarkets.

RUM: Most of the rum in Venezuela is a light rum (minimum 40 ABV) with a clean taste. The Venezuelans drink it either on ice, mixed with coke (Cuba libre) or in other cocktails.

WINE: Wine has been produced in Carora since 1990, which is in the Lara State, but most Venezuelans prefer a cold beer or iced rum.

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Last Updated: 11 June 2014
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