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Chile produces some of the best wines in the world so you cannot leave the country without having visited one of the vineyards first. We have compiled the following list of some of the vineyards that we have visited in Chile. Of course there are many more vineyards which we will include here once we have visited them.

Viña means Vineyard in Spanish.

Viña Concha y Toro

Probably the most famous vineyard in Chile, Viña Concha y Toro boasts a variety of different wines from the Maipo valley. It is easily accessible from Santiago by bus (approx. 45 minutes) which makes it a regular tourist attraction, taking less than half a day. Tours are given in both Spanish and English. English tours run at 10:00 - 11:30 - 15:00, Monday through Sunday except on public holidays. There is a set price of $10.000 CLP (April 2015) for each guest. (approx. $18 USD)

Reservations are highly recommended as the few spaces often fill up quickly with large tour groups.

The tour includes a tasting of two different wines, a view of the vineyards, the local building and inside the cellars.

One of their most famous wines, Casillero del Diablo, or Devil's locker. This 'locker' was where they kept their best wine and was given that name so that people wouldn't enter it and take any of the vineyard's best wine. More details about their wine tours here:

Viña Bisquertt

Viña Bisquertt offers many different wines, including a reserve gewürztraminer, a spicy aromatic wine, that is not commonly produced in Chile. The family run Vineyard received the distinction of being awarded the Best Merlot in the world at an International Wine and Spirits Competition in London. Tours of the vineyard include not only the winery, main house and gardens, but also a large collection of antique cars and carriages. Tours are currently run through the Colchagua Wine Route office. The tour itself ends in a beautiful tasting hall where guests are able to sample the many wonderful wines of Viña Bisquertt and purchase their favorite.

Viña Miguel Torres

The vineyard is located just outside of Curicó near the highway. The Torres family had been producing wine in Spain long before coming to Chile and this vineyard at Curicó was opened in 1979. Visitors can tour the vineyard during the day.

Along side the vineyard is their own restaurant which is only open for lunch from 12:30 to 15:30.

Traveller's tip: After visiting the vineyard take time to stop by the Siete Tazas waterfalls. These waterfalls are not only beautiful, but when the weather is warm you can go for a swim. It is also a good place to camp for the night.

Viña Santa Cruz

Viña Santa Cruz is one of the most exquisite Vineyards you can visit in Chile. It is located 20 minutes by car outside of the small town of Santa Cruz on the road to the colonial town of Lolol. The highlight of the tour is of course the cable cars, which were brought over from Switzerland. Riding up to the top of the hill allows guests to take in a spectacular view of the entire vineyard. The vineyard boasts much more than only wine, at the top of the hill you will find a planetarium, an observatory, many games and a restaurant.

Traveler's tip: Continue on the road towards Lolol and you will find a magnificent family owned restaurant, Hacienda Lolol, where you can not only enjoy fine dining, but also take a stroll around the orange grove out back or even relax with a cup of coffee on one of the comfortable sofas by the fire after your meal. Of course the restaurant offers a variety of wines from the region. Try the specialty, lamb in wine sauce.

Viña De Martino

Originally from Italy, Señor De Martino came to Chile 70 years ago and founded the vineyard with cuttings brought over from Italy. The vineyard is located in Isla de Maipo, approximately an hour from Santiago. Their most exclusive wine the Gran Familia was selected as the Premium wine of the year in both 2004 and 2005 by "La Guia de Vinos de Chile" (The Chilean Wine Guide).

Be sure to stop by the wine shop, which offers souvenirs, clothes, books, wine accessories, and of course wine. A permanent free wine tasting allows guests to select their favorites.

The vineyard is open for tours, tastings, and special events.

Viña Orgánicos Emiliana

The first vineyard to produce wines exclusively from organically grown grapes, Viña Orgánicos Emiliana is one of the most recent additions to the Chilean wine industry. Viña Emiliana, a respected vineyard in Chile set aside some of its best land to the production of organic grapes. In only a few years they have been able to transfer their knowledge of winemaking and their philosophy of biodynamics to create a high quality product. The vineyard has many options for guests wishing to visit the cellars and vineyard and can participate in this tour which includes a wine tasting. VOE also offers special tastings depending on the selection. To complete your experience have either lunch or dinner there. During the Spring and Summer months you have the option of an outdoor picnic. Reservations are necessary at least a week in advance and require a 50% deposit. For more details and prices, check out their website:

Viña Hacienda Araucano

One of the newer vineyards in Chile, Hacienda Araucano was started in 1988. Located between Lolol and Santa Cruz this vineyard has quickly developed a modern technique for producing high quality wine. They are known as a boutique vineyard, and specialize in Carménère, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.

Viña Santa Rita

The main vineyard is located just outside of the city of Buin, however the vineyard owns land throughout six different valleys. Santa Rita boasts several different varieties of wine, utilizing the different growing conditions in each of the valleys. Guests may sample two different varieties, a selection of the Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc. Reservations are required.

Traveler's tip: Nearby are the Hotel Casa Real and the Doña Paula Restaurant for guests who would like to spend a relaxing evening in the area.

Viña Portal del Alto

Located only 45 minutes from Santiago. The vineyard does not offer regular tours, but rather holds special events at the vineyard and guests interested in learning more about wine tasting and production may book private classes with Professor Alejandro Hernández M. either at the vineyard itself or in Santiago.

Viña Cousiño Macul

They have the oldest wine cellars in Chile, dating back to 1872. Reservations are required and the cost of the visit is $10 USD. The price includes two tastings.

Viña Carta Vieja

One of Chile's oldest vineyards, it was established in 1825. Almost all of the wine produced here is exclusively for export. They have received many awards over the years and maintain their traditional approach to making fine wines. Tours can be made directly through the vineyard or as part of the Ruta del Vino del Maule tour.

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