Hare Moa - Chicken Houses

Easter Island - Rapa Nui

Hare Moa Easter Island

The Hare Moa was a Chicken house (Hare = House, Moa = Chicken or bird).

This long stone structure was a type of coop where chickens were kept at night so they wouldn’t escape. There was normally only a single small entrance just big enough for the chickens to get through as seen in the picture below. This hole was left open or closed by placing and removing a rock into the gap in the wall.

And you may wonder how they got the eggs out. Well, they didn’t. The eggs were left there to produce more of the birds.

These photos of a Hare Moa were taken near the entrance of Rano Raraku (where the moai were built).

The entrance of a Hare Moa of Easter Island

You may also want to learn about the Hare Vaka or Boat Houses which were used for sleeping.

NOTE: Rob W. and Ange P. spent a week on Easter Island at the end of January 2013 to produce most of the information, photos and videos we have here.

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