Rano Raraku - Crater Lake

Easter Island - Rapa Nui

Rano Raraku Volcanic Lake Easter Island

Shortly after going through the entrance of the Rano Raraku National Park you will come to a fork in the path. The path to the right leads you to "Moai Factory" where the Moai were carved out of the rock. The path to the left will take you to the crater of the volcano.

The entrance to the crater area is on the more gently sloped northwest part of the crater. The first part is a fairly easy walk though after about 5 or so minutes you will notice a slightly steeper section heading up the side of the volcano. There are many steps carved out of the dirt. On the way up observe the beautiful red color of the rock formations on your left as you walk up them.

Rock formations on the way to the Rano Raraku Volcanic 
Lake, Easter Island

Once at the top you will observe a freshwater lake filling the middle of the volcano’s crater. It is surrounded by plants and wildlife. The main plant is totora which was used for thatching their houses and also for floating devices for the water. The plant is still used to make their traditional vaka (canoes).

When we were there we could see a local man (wearing only a small loin cloth) in the distance near the shore braiding long pieces of totora. Lets just say the ladies were delighted looking at the local wildlife.

NOTE: Rob W. and Ange P. spent a week on Easter Island at the end of January 2013 to produce most of the information, photos and videos we have here.

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