Tukuturi Moai

Easter Island - Rapa Nui

Tukuturi, the kneeling moai of Easter Island

Tukuturi – the kneeling moai

The Tukuturi moai is completely different from all the other ones found elsewhere on the island. First, it is much smaller than the rest you will come across and more curiously, the Tukuturi Moai is in a kneeling position with its hands on its legs. You can also see it has buttocks and appears to have (or at least had) a small beard. Tukuturi’s head is more roundish and humanlike compared to the normally straight rectangular heads of other moai. You can see these details of Tukuturi a lot clearer on the path at the lower side of the statue (the path goes around the statue). See the photo to the right.

Another interesting point is almost all of the Moai of Easter Island were created at the Rano Raraku " Moai Factory". However the Tukuturi Moai was made from the reddish stone of Puna Pua and was then brought to the Rano Raraku quarry where it now stands (or should I say kneels). Why was it brought here? Nobody really knows.

The statue also appears to be looking towards Orongo. Is there some connection with Tukuturi and the Birdman competition at Orongo?

You will find Tukuturi at the north-eastern part of the quarry once you have walked down the slope after seeing the largest (though unfinished) moai. It is the furtherest point from the entrance to the quarry.

From here, if you look towards the Poike Volcano (behind Tukuturi) and down towards the coastline, you will see the famous Ahu Tongariki with its 15 moai in the distance.

NOTE: Rob W. and Ange P. spent a week on Easter Island at the end of January 2013 to produce most of the information, photos and videos we have here.

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