Pueblito Melipulli

Puerto Montt - Chile

Pueblito Melipulli Building, Puerto Montt Chile

Pueblito Melipulli Cocineria, Puerto Montt Chile

In Puerto Montt, just along from the main bus station (heading towards Angelmó), you will find this artisan market selling handicraft, souvenirs and typical Chilean food.

The Pueblito has a rustic feel to it where most of the shops being made of natural wood.

Pueblito de Artesanos Melipulli was created in 1986 thanks to the mayor of Puerto Montt at the time who supported the initiative of 12 artisans in creating a place to display their wares. The mayor let them use land that was under the council's administration to create this Pueblito or little village.

Nowadays there are over 64 different artisans selling their products including Metalwork, wooden carvings, jewellry, pottery, clothing and toys made of wool, as well as restaurants selling typical Chilean dishes.

Did you know that Melipulli was the orginal name of the area before it was changed to Puerto Montt. Melipulli means four hills in Mapuche.

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Pueblito Melipulli Alley with shops, Puerto Montt Chile Pueblito Melipulli Cocineria, Puerto Montt Chile Pueblito Melipulli Sign, Puerto Montt Chile Pueblito Melipulli Wooden Roof, Puerto Montt Chile Pueblito Melipulli Cheese, Puerto Montt Chile

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