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Parque Araucano Basketball Court

One of the attractions of Parque Araucano for sports enthusiasts are its basketball court and tennis courts. These courts are free to use and are on a first come first serve basis. Since there are only three tennis courts, you may have to wait for one to become available. Most people wait under the shade of the trees at the southern end of the courts where the entrance door is (photo below).

Watching a game of tennis at Parque Araucano Parque Araucano Tennis Courts sign

The signs says:
Prohibido el transito en las canchas de tenis cuando estén usándose.
It is prohibited to cross the tennis courts when they are being used.

Prohibido el ingreso de bicicletas, skate y patines a las canchas y multicanchas.
Entering the courts with bicycles, skateboards, skates and rollerblades is prohibited.

Parque Araucano Tennis Courts

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