Parque Araucano Bike Park

Las Condes - Santiago - Chile

Airborne at Bike Park in Parque Araucano Santiago Chile

This bike park can be found at the eastern end of Parque Araucano close to Manquehue (street).

This bike park as ramps for most levels. When we visited there were an adult doing all types of impressive jumps as well as his younger son (in the photo above) doing things that would but most of us to shame. When we first arrived there was only the father and his son there and about half an hour later a group of three teens joined in. This was on a Saturday afternoon so I'm not sure how much busier it would get.

At one end you have four ramps of different height (see the photos at the bottom). In the middle you have 3 ramps, two of them with a middle platform. At the northern end you have the typical starting ramp.

Sign at Bike Park in Parque Araucano Santiago Chile

What do these signs say?

Prot├ęgete = Protect yourself

Advertencia: La Ilustre Municipalidad de Las Condes no se hace responsible por accidentes que puedan ocurrir en el interior de este recinto deportivo.

Warning: The illustrious City Council of Las Condes will not be responsible for accidents that may occur inside of this sporting complex.

Translation of the translation: If you have an accident, it's your own fault! :)

You will not be allowed on the ramps if you don't have a helmet and protective gear (elbow pads and knee pads). When I was there there was a caretaker hanging around though I'm not sure whether we is the one that enforces this.

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Jump holding seat at Bike Park in Parque Araucano Santiago Chile Ramps at Bike Park in Parque Araucano Santiago Chile

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